PP-PPD-PPB / PP-PPT / PPL Induction Course

1. What is PPT?
Recognition of Prior Achievement (APA) or formerly known as the Accreditation of Prior Achievement is a method to give recognition to any individual who can demonstrate skills outlined in the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) based on prior experience and achievements.

The Malaysian Skills Certification Programme was first introduced on 13 September 1996 to acknowledge the contribution of skilled workers in the country. It emphasises the concept of life-long learning and this process can help individuals to evaluate and develop the learning they have acquired through formal and informal means.

2.Who is worthy of recognition ?
All industrial workers from the manufacturing and services sectors who have obtained the required working experience in the related field and have fulfilled other set conditions are eligible. Industrial workers who qualify will be awarded a Certificate up to the highest level according to their respective fields as specified in the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS).

3. Who Can Apply ?
Open to anyone who has the skills and knowledge regardless of when, how and where they were obtained, either through work experience, life experience or training (formal or informal).

4. What the benefits obtained ?
4.1 Benefits to individuals
Opportunity to gain further recognition and satisfaction and motivation for self-development;
Award of Certificate within a short period of time (no need to attend classes / training / sit for tests), and
Able to contribute to career development.

4.2 Benefits to employers
Raise productivity and performance of the company;
Saving of costs for employee training and certification, and
Improve company image

4.3 Benefits to the country
Increase the number of qualified skilled workers;
Generate growthinthe industrial sectorin the country with an increase in skilled workers
Improve the country’s image in the eyes of the world in terms of goods and services produced, and
Attract foreign investors to invest in the country








2. 誰值得肯定?











4.3 對國家的好處

Who should attend? 

a) JPK Accredited Centre Personnels :
i) Assessor 
ii) Internal Verifier 
iii) Centre Manager

b) Individuals that’s involved with managing the JPK Accredited Centre

c) External Verifer candidate (need to pass PP-PPD-PPB induction course first – Need to attend PPL Induction Course

d) Assessor for PPT method candidate – Need to attend PP-PPT induction course

e) Candidates who wish to know more about how to apply SKM via PPT, types of evidences for portfolio development etc  – Need to attend PP-PPT induction course

f) Accredited Centre that intend to apply to be a PB-PPT centre – the PPT Co-ordinator need to attend PP-PPT induction course

g) Individual that is interested with the Malaysia Skills Certification System

Siapa yang patut hadir?

a) Calon Personel Pusat Bertauliah:
i) Pegawai Penilai (PP)
ii)Pegawai Pengesah Dalaman (PPD)
iii) Pengurus Pusat Bertauliah (PPB)

b) Individu yang terlibat dengan pengendalian Pusat Bertauliah

c) Calon Pegawai Pengesah Luaran (PPL) (kena lulus kursus induksi PP-PPD-PPB sebelum ikuti induksi PPL)

d) Calon Pegawai Penilai-PPT (PP-PPT)  (kena lulus kursus induksi PP-PPT)

e) Calon yang ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut cara permohonan SKM melalui PPT, jenis-jenis bukti yang perlu untuk pembangunan portfolio dsbgnya 

f) PB yang ingin mohon jadi PB-PPT 


g) Individu yang berminat dalam Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM)

Benefits :
a) Certificate issued by Department of Skill Development (DSD)

b) Facilitators from experienced JPK/CIAST officers 

c) Organised by the most consistent, reliable & trustworthy organiser

General entrance requirement / 
– Malaysian aged 18 to 65
– Permanent Resident 
– Additional requirement for PPL Induction course: Passed PP-PPD-PPB induction course

a) Sijil Kehadiran dikeluarkan oleh JPK dan diiktiraf kerajaan

b) Dikendalikan oleh pegawai JPK / CIAST yang berpengalaman

c) Dianjur oleh penganjur yang paling berpengalaman.

Syarat-syarat umum penyertaan:
– Warganegara Malaysia berumur 18 hingga 65
– Warga Tetap
– Syarat tambahan induksi PPL – lulus induksi PP-PPD-PPB