National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS)

Definition of NOSS

An abbreviation for National Occupational Skills Standard. NOSS is a document that stipulates the required competency level expected of a skilled employee who is employed in Malaysia in a specific trade; it also defines the level of employment and the path required to achieve the stated competency level.

Main features of NOSS

  • Based on job specifications.
  • Conforming to career structure in the related job.
  • Prepared by experts from the related industry and skilled workers who are actually in service.

Besides JPK Putrajaya or Cyberjaya or the regional offices, you may also get it from us (soft copy only), if you don’t want the hassle of travelling there, paying tolls & finding the very limited parking space (especially Putrajaya) and walk a distance!
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By the way, in case you have not seen the NOSS, it looks like this (old version is printed, now mainly in CD form)

Nevertheless, the READY STOCKS that we have is quite limited to the following:
NEW! Click on the link to view the Job Profile Chart (JPC)/Competency Profile Chart (CPC)/Competency Profile (CP) samples

1. MP-060-2/3:2013 (Aesthetic Therapist) CPC BEAUTY L2 & CPC BEAUTY L3
2. MP-060-4/5 (Aesthetic Manager) Job Profile Chart
3. HT-090-/2/3 (Haidressing) Competency Profile & Competency Profile Chart L2 / Competency Profile & Competency Profile Chart L3
3. HT-090-4/5 (Hair Salon Manager) Job Profile Chart
4. MP-030-1/2/3 (Spa Therapist) Competency Profile (CP) L3
5. MP-080-3 (Ear, Hand & Foot Reflexology) Standard Practice, CU and CP
6. MP-081-3 (Aromatherapy) Job Profile Chart
7. MP-082-3 (Massage Therapy) Job Profile Chart & Competency Profile
8. Z-009-1/2/3:2015 (Core Abilities)
9. L-040-4/5 (Asst Executive Chef/Executive Chef) Job Profile Chart
10. HT-010-1/2/3 (F&B Waiter) Job Profile Chart
11. HT-010-4/5 (F&B Outlet Manager/Manager) Job Profile Chart 
12. P-115-1/2/3 (Motor Vehicle Technician) (OLD NOSS)
13. P-080-4/5 (Automotive Executiive/Manager) Job Profile Chart
14. PH-010-1/2/3 (Photography) Job Profile Chart
15. AA-010-2/3 (Account Clerk/Supervisor) Job Profile Chart
16. AC-030-1/2/3 (Musician Rhythm Section) Job Profile Chart
17. AC-040-3 (Singer) Job Profile Chart
18. AM-010-1/2/3 (Contemporary Musician) Job Profile Chart
19. C-010-1/2/3 (Domestic Cooling & Air-Cond Mechanic/Technician)
20. EE-021-2/3 (Electronic Equipment & Appliance Installation and Troubleshooting) COMPETENCY PROFILE
21. FB-010-2/3 (Audit Clerk/Assisstant)
22. I-031-3 (Vocational Training Officer) Job Profile Chart & Task Profile
23. MP-062-2/3 (Make Up Artistry) Competency Profile Chart & Competency Profile L2 MAKE UP NEW
24. MP-063-3 (Nail Art Artistry) Competency Profile Chart & Competency Profile NEW
25. PR-020-4/5 (Printing Technology) NEW
26. PR-024-2/3 (Graphic Design) NEW
27. EE-320-2/3/4/5:2012 NEW
28. TP-307-2/3:2012 NEW
29. CC-011-3:2013 Competency Profile Chart
30. FB-024-2/3:2013 Competency Profile Chart L2 & Competency Profile Chart L3
31. TP-077-3:2013 (In-Flight Services) CP & CPC 
32. H522-004-4/5:2017 (In-Flight Safety and Hospitality Coordination/Management) – Only Full NOSS available for RM20
33. HI-010-3:2013 (Halal Auditing) STANDARD PRACTICE, CP & CPC
34. HI-010-4:2013 (Halal Audit Administration) CPC
35. HI-010-4:2013 (Halal Audit Management) CPC

NOSS can be purchased from JPK (Putrajaya, Cyberjaya or any JPK Wilayah) at only RM20/program (either L1/2/3 or L4&5). If it’s too far away from your place, you may ask us whether we have ready stocks or not.

You may purchase from us at RM20/program ONLY
RM10 postage if required to burn in CD, else would be emailed over.